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Open call: Onassis AiR 2023/24

Application deadline: March 20, 2023

Onassis AiR, the international artistic research and residency program, is now accepting applications for its Tailor-made Residency program. Application deadline is March 20, 2023.

The residency invites artists, curators, designers, dancers, chefs, gardeners, activists, writers, educators, legal advocates, performers, economists, architects, filmmakers, and other practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline, from anywhere in the world, to apply for an opportunity to develop their research or project without the expectation of presenting a final work. The residency runs between September 2023 and July 2024 in Athens, Greece, and each residency lasts for a maximum of three months.

The program is tailored to each participant’s individual needs and offers professional development activities, including mentoring sessions, presentations, and peer-to-peer feedback sessions, organized site-visits to local art spaces and other institutions, and opportunities to meet and connect with local artists and arts professionals. All accepted participants will receive an artist fee, housing, travel to/from Athens, a research budget, and other resources.

Οnassis AiR is seeking to become a meeting point for cross-disciplinary thinking and experimentation between local and international artists and researchers. The residency is part of a larger effort to stay relevant to the needs of the artistic community and to be part of larger discussions happening worldwide regarding the role and function of cultural institutions in today’s society.

The selection for the ONASSIS AiR OPEN CALL 2023/24 will be done in three phases. In Phase I, the current and former participants of Onassis AiR will use a peer-to-peer blind-selection method to select candidates. During Phase II, the Onassis AiR team will review the selected applications in collaboration with an external selection committee consisting of Sepake Angiama and VASKOS (Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis). In Phase III, all shortlisted applicants will do an interview with the Onassis AiR team. The working language of the program is English.

Οnassis AiR invites all participants to use their space and resources to develop their research or project. Rather than presenting a final work, participants are encouraged to engage with the Οnassis AiR Community through an offering, in the form of a workshop, an in-progress presentation, a lecture or screening, or any other format they wish to propose. The residency is for those interested and open to moments of exchange and collective study.

Οnassis AiR is interested in building a situated residency, attentive to the concerns, issues, and idiosyncrasies of its surroundings. For the program, this ground begins in Athens—with its many communities, its present and past histories—and radiates outward, in dialogue with the wider Balkan and Mediterranean region and other parts of the world. The residency is open to practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline and is an opportunity for anyone in need of support who is yearning for space, focused time, and stimulating conversations that can help to kick off, further develop, or finalize a project.

Since 2019, the residency’s programs have evolved based on discussions and feedback from peers and previous participants. After completing a three-year programming cycle, in September 2022, the residency embarked on a new chapter that brings together individual research residencies via yearly Open Calls as well as research and development fellowships commissioned by Onassis Culture or awarded via its International Networks in partnership with other institutions.

Onassis AiR was established by the Onassis Foundation in September 2019.