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Museum Angewandte Kunst presents E. R. Nele: Contemporary Witness

September 24, 2022–January 1, 2023

The Berlin-born artist E. R. Nele, who was born in 1932, will reveal that she has always been on the move and continues to do so. Her work shows how she pauses to consider specific historical situations as well as her witty and astute reactions. She never gave in to creative dogma, never dedicated herself to a particular aesthetic, and never stopped using her hands and eyes to intuitively connect with the environment as a reflexive present witness. She is frequently referred to as one of the most versatile artists and designers, which is not surprising given the wide range of talents demonstrated in her body of work.

She created contemporary, adaptable interior landscapes in the 1960s for the Kassel-based company bodeform, whose component sections could be easily changed and put together. She created more than 80 different types of lamps for the Temde branch in Switzerland, including floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights that typified the 1970s in terms of material, elegance, and distinct forms. She created and produced jewelry, cutlery sets, chairs, and tables. The jewelry could be worn, and the furniture, lighting, and tableware could all be used. However, it appears that each piece, when taken individually, is just another sculptural representation of possibility within a larger body of artistic production. Her work is defined by a correlative interplay between floor and wall pieces and autonomous objects inside the provided space, which is the essence of her body of work.

Lighting and interior design are related to generating moods and feelings. E. R. Nele continues to emphasize the psychological and physical vulnerability of people in her work while also emphasizing the human form as its core motif. Most of her work is done in metal. Many of the issues she has raised and is still raising are just as important today as they were back then. Apart from climate change caused by humans, the greatest threat to humanity still comes from the nuclear arsenals of various states. Artists, poets, and journalists are still threatened, jailed, and killed.

According to E. R. Nele, she neither searched nor discovered solely during her existence. Instead, she has consistently responded in an artistic and creative manner to both the things that moved her and the things that angered her.

Curator and Director: Matthias Wagner K

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