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Ludwig Museum—Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest presents annual program 2023

Annual program 2023

The Ludwig Museum Budapest presents its annual program for 2023.

In 2023, “care” will be the phenomena that serves as an interpretative framework for our exhibitions and programs, covering, beyond the literal definition of the term, solidarity, personal and social responsibility, trust, humanism, and charity.

András Lengyel: …everything is up in the clouds…
February 3–28 May, 2023

András Lengyel is a member of Hungary’s second generation of neo-avant-garde artists. His clouds appeared in the sphere of copied graphics, then in photography, actions, or installations, before reappearing in paintings. These symbols of human understanding inspire their viewers to join a tradition in which man has sought his place in the universe.

Boris Lurie and Wolf Vostell: Art after the Shoah
March 31–July 30, 2023

Both artists were deeply involved with the Holocaust beginning in the late 1950s. They chose a confrontation with this tragic period as the topic of their art at a time when war was still considered forbidden. Their works were also a critique of a post-war consumer culture that had just begun, ignorant to the trauma felt, by juxtaposing the most horrifying pictures of war crimes with superficial advertising images.

Cuteism: Between Abstraction and Figuration
June 23–October 1, 2023

The exhibition demonstrates a current trend in contemporary painting. The works are pieced together in a patchwork fashion, using iconic symbols, elements from popular culture, and a fusion of many artistic techniques to address global or everyday issues with humour and (self-)irony. They add a critical tone to the concept of “cuteness,” encouraging the audience to rethink perfectionism and kitsch as it is mediated by social media.

Handle with Care!
September 8–November 26, 2023

Care, as a social metaphor, can be interpreted on a personal level or projected onto interpersonal interactions, but it also has important economic elements. Additionally, the concept can be extended to include caring for all living species as well as the Earth itself. In an era of numerous crises, the exhibition investigates how to reimagine care and, as a result, the role of the museum (and art) in this process.

Till Brönner: Identity—Landscape Europe
October 20, 2023–January 28, 2024

Till Brönner is a great trumpet virtuoso as well as a photographer, and his music and images are a compelling depiction of the current zeitgeist. With his portraits, natural or industrial landscapes, and architecture, he documents and discusses not just European events and societal trends, but also global issues.

Esterházy Art Award Short List 2023
December 15, 2023–March 3, 2024

From the shortlist of submitted entries, the international jury of the Esterházy Art Prize 2023 selects up to 25 artists to be displayed at the Ludwig Museum. The prize is given out every two years to three artists under the age of 45. The accompanying exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of Hungary’s youthful art scene.

Time Machine: A New Selection from the Collection of the Ludwig Museum
September 1, 2020–December 31, 2023

The new museum selection is not about the science-fiction idea of time travel, but rather investigates the relationship between time and art from various angles, and sees the works themselves as time machines that allow us to travel mentally.

18th International Venice Architecture Biennale, Hungarian Pavilion
Reziduum—The Frenquency of Architecture

May 20–November 26, 2023

The exhibition is centered on the contemporary ornamental patterns that adorn the metal grid structure of Budapest’s new Ethnographic Museum’s front. The interactive show is a thrilling all-arts experiment, a sound, light, and space installation that combines contemporary art to bring folk culture to life.

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