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Gropius Bau presents exhibition programme 2023

2023 Program

Gropius Bau, an open space for art and discourse presents its 2023 program.

The Gropius Bau and its 2023 programme aim to reflect on the building’s past and explore subjects such as forms of self-empowerment, historical pathways of cultural migration, and the politics of breath and the body as an open space for art and dialogue.

March 24–July 9, 2023

RAINBOW SERPENT (VERSION) is Europe’s largest exhibition of Daniel Boyd’s creative practice. Boyd’s image-making engages international networks of resistance, Indigenous knowledge creation, and personal family histories, which he comments on in relation to the context and architecture of the Gropius Bau.

A public program that takes place on the floor installation in the atrium is an essential component of the exhibition.

Curated by Stephanie Rosenthal and Carolin Köchling. Developed in partnership with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Indigo Waves and Other Stories: Re-Navigating the Afrasian Sea and Notions of Diaspora
April 7–August 13, 2023

Indigo Waves and Other Stories: Re-Navigating the Afrasian Sea and Notions of Diaspora brings together contemporary artists, musicians, writers, and philosophers to explore historical, cultural, and linguistic connections between Africa and Asia. The exhibition reads Afrasian (that is, belonging to both Africa and Asia) histories of forced and unforced travel through cultural affiliation, mercantile contact, and colonial empire through this ocean as a collective horizon.

Curated by Natasha Ginwala and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung with Michelangelo Corsaro. In partnership with SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin; Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town; VASL Artists’ Association, Karachi; and BLAK C.O.R.E. (Care of Radical Energy) at the University of Melbourne.

General Idea
September 22, 2023–January 14, 2024

General Idea, founded in 1969 in Toronto by Felix Partz (1945-1994), Jorge Zontal (1944-1994), and AA Bronson (b. 1946), investigated the production, dissemination, and consumption of images across a wide range of media. A comprehensive retrospective at the Gropius Bau, developed in close collaboration with AA Bronson, presents more than 200 works from the late 1960s to the early 1990s, including major installations, publications, videos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and archival material, providing an overview of the development of General Idea’s artistic practice.

Curated by Adam Welch for the National Gallery of Canada and Beatrix Ruf, in collaboration with Zippora Elders, for the Gropius Bau. 
Organised by the National Gallery of Canada in collaboration with the Gropius Bau.

Spectres of Bandung: A Political Imagination of Asia-Africa
October 6, 2023–January 14, 2024

Representatives from 29 Asian and African republics assembled in Bandung, Indonesia, in April 1955, to implement shared aims and solidarity following decolonization. Spectres of Bandung is a research-based exhibition that examines the first large-scale Asian-African Conference, which can be seen as a catalyst for pre-existing political and cultural alliances. The group show at the Gropius Bau unpacks the spirit of self-determination that prevailed during the Bandung Conference by bringing together pictures, paintings, films, and historical material.

Curated by Philippe Pirotte, Vera Mey and Zippora Elders in collaboration with an international team of curators.

Artist in Residence
Pallavi Paul: How Love Moves (working title)


How does the post-pandemic environment put a lover and their breath to the test? Pallavi Paul, the Gropius Bau’s Artist in Residence 2023, will travel through the spiritual, medicinal, political, ecological, and sensual lives of breath in the second half of 2023.

Curated by Natasha Ginwala.

Preview: Artificial Intelligence at the Gropius Bau

In 2023, the Gropius Bau addresses AI’s potential for an art institution from two perspectives: examining how it functions as an artistic tool and collaborating with AI as a structural support to produce an accessible tool. The various project phases will be shared with the public on a regular basis as they are developed in a transparent manner.

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