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Fall 2022 program at KRONE COURONNE

Contemporary art centre KRONE COURONNE is pleased to announce its fall program for 2022.

September 2–October 8
Radical Sources
Claire Fontaine, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Laurent Güdel, Jeanne Jacob, Hunter Longe, Lou Masduraud, Sadie Plant, Augustin Rebetez, Antoine Rubin, Jan van Oordt

The Arc of Jura (Switzerland) has a stream that runs through St-Imier and on to Biel/Bienne. This stream has the echoes of a politically active culture, anarchist watchmakers, free spirits, and the first international anti-authoritarian congress that took place in St-Imier 150 years ago. In a correspondence with artist Jan van Oordt, novelist Sadie Plant queries whether there is something to be found in the Suze River’s waters or the air of St. Imier. The history of anarchism in the Jura region serves as the inspiration for the group exhibition Radical Sources, which examines artistic techniques that crystallize sociopolitical issues and consider alternatives to the status quo in societal systems.

September 23–October 8
Video programme 
Magali Dougoud, Ariane Loze, Erika Nieva Da Cunha, Joe la Noize, Florence Jung

In addition to the exhibition Radical Sources, a video programme proposed by Nicolas Raufaste is presented in the attic floor of KRONE COURONNE: a selection of works by five artists gathered around punk attitude, hydrofeminism, injustice, alternative living and self-criticism. 

October 15–22
Sorry for my late reply
Mandine Knoepfel with interventions by Max Bouwhuis, Virginie Jemmely, Hugo Hectus, Ivan Crichton, Fabio Laubscher, Ana Paloma Vocantes & Alicia Li Heiniger

This apology for the delayed response is an effort to organize and allay irrational anxieties. This essay discusses the effects of jet lag on relationships. vs during the day. It’s about postponing tasks, about gatherings, and about what endures. In order to maintain a connection to the past, the exhibition displays a new series of pieces that were motivated by Mandine Knoepfel’s earlier work. Guest artists are encouraged to interact with the environment and make physical connections through karaoke sessions, live performances, paintings, and emails.

October 28–December 3
Céline Ducrot​, Vanessa Safavi

Examining oneself looking after oneself. Being solitary looking after other people. Being united while alone. The exhibition pairs a new sculptural series by Vanessa Safavi with Céline Ducrot’s photographic work. Like a sensual envelope or a capsule, the works meld together to create an immersive environment. a connection to touch, flesh, skin, and body as repositories of one’s past, including any physical or emotional trauma as well as cultural traditions.

The curators Kristina Grigorjeva and Camille Regli established the Biel/Bienne, Switzerland-based contemporary art center KRONE COURONNE in 2021.

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CH-2502 Biel/Bienne
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