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E-WERK Luckenwalde presents its autumn 2022 programme

September 17–December 11, 2022

Currents electronic music festival: October 8

Cold Light

From September 17 through December 11, Performance Electrics and Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent will collaborate on a brand-new video installation and virtual reality piece. The exhibition, which will be held in the Turbine Hall and Engine Room of E-WERK, was inspired by the artists’ research into the life and work of Nikola Tesla. The title is a reference to the first electric lights, which were known as “cold light” because they were no longer dependent on fire for illumination. Wendel will work with Seers and Sargent for the first time, and this will be their largest-ever German presentation of their work. This will be Seers and Sargent’s largest exhibition of their work in Germany to date. Seers and Sargent combine items, settings, light, sound, virtual reality, and CGI as they consider many hypotheses about consciousness in their quest for the truth. They will collaborate with Wendel, whose explanation of electricity’s enigmatic, occult, and transient nature pays respect to Tesla’s most ambitious project, the Wardenclyffe Tower, a wireless energy transmitter. On the subject of the importance of electromagnetism in everything and how time functions in the human brain, Cold Light takes a nuanced stance. The pieces demonstrate a desire to edit the movies according to how the brain operates as it is explained in neuroscience (a fragmentation of persistent thoughts and changing states). The exhibition is curated by Helen Turner in collaboration with Adriana Tranca and Katharina Worf. 

The Real Line

The Real Line, an exhibition on motion and movement, the point and the line, and all the movements in between, debuts on September 17. It brings together the artists Arantxa Etcheverria, Adelina Ivan, and Alina Popa, all of whom are located in Bucharest and who deal with geometry and its applications to issues of gender inequality and social conceptions in what is referred to as a women’s place. The peculiarity of this argument stems from the direct confrontation of the seemingly at odds notions of feminism and domesticity in an attempt to critically examine whether one might reinforce the other. Can feminist discourse and practice that transforms the home be found there? Can the historically male-dominated discipline of geometry serve as a catalyst for this change? The exhibition is curated by Adriana Tranca in collaboration with Helen Turner and Katharina Worf. 


E-WERK Luckenwalde will host the first-ever 100% Kunststrom carbon negative music festival on October 8 this fall. A festival of electronic music and contemporary art called Currents features both established artists and up-and-coming musicians. The Romanian DJ and music production pair Khidja, who play all over the world and produce musical scores, moving images, new media installations, and performance shows, is in charge of curating the one-day event.

Artists include: Suzanne CianiBreadwomanSvitlana Nianio x Sergeii Khotiachuck & Roman GensDopplereffektladr acheWojciech Rusin x Jo HellierLena Willikens x MarylouAlicia Carrera and Khidja

Book a ticket here.

About E-WERK Luckenwalde

A former coal power plant that was constructed in 1913 and ceased operations in 1989 following the fall of the Berlin Wall is where E-WERK Luckenwalde is situated. Pablo Wendel, an artist, and curator Helen Turner are the joint directors of E-WERK Luckenwalde, which is 30 minutes south of Berlin. The former brown-coal power plant was purchased by the Pablo Wendel-led art collective Performance Electrics gGmbH in 2017 with the intention of transforming it into a sustainable Kunststrom (art power) Kraftwerk that would generate electricity from locally sourced waste wood chips and serve as a sizable contemporary art center. Performance Electrics gGmbH formally turned on the power to the former plant as part of POWER NIGHT in 2019.

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