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Crazy Toads by Carlotta Bailly-Borg and Cécile Bouffard with l’Ǝcole at CAC Brétigny

January 15–April 1, 2023

CAC Brétigny presents Crazy Toads by Carlotta Bailly-Borg and Cécile Bouffard from January 15 to April 1, 2023.

Carlotta Bailly-Borg and Cécile Bouffard meet for the first time in the art center this winter. The invited artists have a shared amusement with the subject matter and a desire for paint to overflow the frame, becoming a door, weapon, or even organs.

They are members of the same generation of French artists (born in the 1980s and having studied in France), and they share a desire for exchange and collaboration, juxtaposing their work with other disciplines such as architecture, dance, or writing. In their respective works, one can find incursions into forms of alternative rationalities, such as mysticism, spiritualism, or alternative medicine, that oppose modern thinking (the Cartesian thinking that dominates the twentieth and twenty-first centuries), as well as recurring references to the human body. Thus, bezoars, hermit frogs, copyist monks, and intestinal knots will make their way onto the art center’s walls. Their paintings, sculptures, and bas-reliefs clinging to the CAC area will welcome l’Ǝcole’s free artistic activities.

Carlotta Bailly-Borg, born in 1984, lives and works in Brussels. She has been nominated for the 22nd Pernod Ricard Foundation Prize in 2021 and has exhibited among others at the Praz Delavallade Gallery in Paris and the Vitrine Gallery in Basel in 2022.

Cécile Bouffard, born in 1987, lives and works in Paris. She co-founded the artist-run-space Pauline Perplexe. She exhibited among others at Rond Point Projects, Marseille and at La Salle de Bains, Lyon in 2022. 

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