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Bombas Gens Centre d’Art presents its ongoing programme

Earth: A Retrospective. El Ultimo Grito & Per Amor A L’Art Collection
July 7, 2022–June 4, 2023

In Lev Kuleshov’s “creative geography” editing technique, which combines images from many locales to create a seamless new environment where the tale ends, the Per Amor a l’Art Collection is shown as part of Earth: A Retrospective. With this undertaking, El Ultimo Grito is taking a look back at Earth from an unidentified location in the future. As a result, we are left with just a collection of photos that serve as our last remaining connection to the planet. These images have been romanticized by our gaze into stories that go beyond their historical significance.

Featuring: Nobuyoshi Araki, EUG-Arno Mathies, Bleda y Rosa, Iñaki Bonillas, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Joan Cardells, Tacita Dean, Koji Enokura, Elger Esser, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Inma Femenía, Paul Graham, Jonas Mekas, Mathieu Mercier, Matt Mullican, Thomas Ruff, Armando Salas Portugal, Aaron Siskind, among others.

Framed within World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

V.C.R.T.: An Artist’s Book by Thomas Hirschhorn
Launched on May 13, 2022

This book is a compilation of the essays, sketches, correspondence, emails, and notes that Thomas Hirschhorn has been producing concurrently with his work from its inception. Throughout his career, this mode of expression has been a crucial instrument. This artist’s book covers the previous 32 years (1989-2021) and includes early drafts of his projects, personal letters, and reviews of his own works of art or exhibitions. The entirety of the carefully chosen material in “V.C.R.T.” has never before been published in its original language and format. Additionally, this book has been translated into Spanish for the first time in a selection of 24 pages.

V.C.R.T. is an original concept initiated by Sandra Guimarães, artistic director of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art (València, Spain) and published in co-edition with La Fábrica (Madrid, Spain).

V.C.R.T. can be purchased writing to [email protected]

Shigeru Ōnishi: In Search of Meta-Infinite
April 4, 2022–January 22, 2023. Curated by Vicente Todolí. 

Shigeru Onishi (Takahashi, 1928-1994), a Japanese artist, is featured in the exhibition In Search of Meta-Infinite, which features both his photographic and pictorial work. This is Onishi’s first significant exhibition in Europe. It features numerous large-scale abstract paintings on display for the first time outside of Japan, as well as a number of images from the Per Amor a l’Art Collection.

Shigeru Nishi tried to go beyond time and space with his images; rather than capturing a single point in time, they show a collection of moments combined into a single picture. He completely gave up photography in the late 1950s to focus only on abstract ink painting.

In collaboration with Foam (Amsterdam) and MEM (Tokyo).

Sculpting Reality: Per Amor A L’Art Collection at PHotoESPAÑA (Madrid)
June 1–September 4, 2022 at Círculo de Bellas Artes / Casa de América (Madrid)

The ambitious program Sculpting Reality is a part of PHotoESPAA, the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts. This program, which is based on research into the holdings of the Per Amor a l’Art Collection, is curated by Sandra Guimares and Vicent Todol, guest curators of the 25th edition of the Festival.

With more than 500 works by 29 artists, the show features pioneering American photographers like Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Helen Levitt, Louis Faurer, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Tod Papageorge, Anthony Hernandez,  Ian Wallace, Bleda y Rosa, Paul Graham, among others. 

Fundació Per Amor a l’Art
The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art is a private and familiar foundation that deploys its artistic, social and research-driven activity in the restored former factory of Bombas Gens, in Valencia (Spain). The Foundation develops the artistic domain through the Bombas Gens Art Centre. The Social Area fosters the social integration mission of the Foundation, focusing on the support of underage children in risk of exclusion and people with acquired brain injuries. Moreover, the Wilson Team promotes the research and divulgation of rare diseases, in particular the Wilson’s disease.

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