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Artspace Aotearoa launches 2023 programme

February 10, 2023–February 3, 2024

The 2023 program for Artspace Aotearoa runs from February 10, 2023, to February 3, 2024.

The program comprises works from the 1950s to current commissions, and it includes everything from seldom seen journals and sculpture to cinema, drawing, printmaking, and live experiences. The five cornerstone installations are intertwined throughout the public program, which includes online publication, panel discussions, screenings, seminars, visiting practitioners, and other activities.

Door, window, world: Maree Horner, J.C. Sturm 
February 11–April 6, 2023

This show, which brings together two pioneering female voices from Aotearoa New Zealand, is situated inside the sphere of the home and the various roles and rituals that take place there. Horner and Sturm take up the issue of processing and making a life entire through practice. They both query, “Could this be any other way?” with incisive gestures spanning text, sculpture, and drawing.

Far, far away
Chevron Hassett
April 22–June 10, 2023

Hassett outlines a sovereign creation of biography centered in the concept of whanaungatanga by writing letters to a past and future self through his photographic and sculptural practice. Coming from the unique Aotearoa New Zealand experience of urban Indigeneity, he debunks the frequently restricting preconceptions of this environment and develops a cultivation initiative.

Scores for Transformation
Özlem Altin, Judith Hopf, Laida Lertxundi, Rosemary Mayer and others
June 24–August 19, 2023  

This group exhibition brings together multiple generations, locations, and mediums to highlight the ways in which the body becomes an agent for revolt, decline, and collapse, as well as reform and regeneration. In this context, “bodies” are not metaphors for a process of contemplation or transformation, but rather instruments for both composing and keeping the score.

Alanis Obomsawin  
September 2–November 4, 2023

Obomsawin’s work as an Indigenous filmmaker begins in the holy place of listening. Her work is the result of a decades-long engagement with certain communities, and it conveys their experiences in a mana boosting way. This show features a selection of films from the previous fifty years that trace the impulses to resist and heal in order to provide a nuanced perspective on what it would take to live in a just world.

Chartwell Trust and Stout Foundation New Commissions 
November 17–February 3, 2024

This is the first version of a newly developed commissioning platform for emerging artists, with the goal of providing an important early career exhibiting opportunity. The small yearly cohort of Aotearoa New Zealand-based artists is commissioned in the summer and engages with the organization throughout the year, culminating in a show that sets the tone for the next year.

About Artspace Aotearoa
Artspace Aotearoa is a non-profit contemporary art gallery in Auckland’s Tmaki Makaurau district. It was founded in 1987 by artists and focuses on how art adds to our understanding and rethinking of the world in which we live. We operate within a specific metropolitan context and then expand into national and worldwide dialogues about activities that propose emancipatory world perspectives. We want to convey established, emerging, and under-recognized viewpoints with a strong focus on building an intergenerational kaupapa.

Artspace Aotearoa
292 Karangahape Road, Newton
Artspace Aotearoa
1010 Auckland
Aotearoa New Zealand
Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am–6pm,
Saturday 11am–4pm

T 09 303 4965
[email protected]