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Arter announces 2022 exhibition programme

Locus Solus
Until December 31, 2022
Curator: Selen Ansen

The goal of the group exhibition Locus Solus is to explore nature’s facets via the lenses of facts, fictions, and emotions. It centers on the idea of nature. The exhibition explores the interactions and interactions between nature and culture, and how natural settings and organic processes interact with human agency and built structures. In the show, “nature” is largely seen as a relational idea that allows viewers to reconsider the many links that exist between places, non-human life, and human existence. The exhibition combines pieces from the Arter Collection with a number of expansive installations, including brand-new works created specifically for the exhibition site.

Until April 9, 2023
Curator: Emre Baykal

The themes of childhood and play are central to the group show ThisPlay, which features works from the Arter Collection. In the framework of artworks and the experiences they provide, the exhibition seeks to examine the freeing quality of play, its defiant ability to suspend and reconstruct reality, and the ways in which it transcends the mundane of daily life to create original systems and structures of meaning. Through themes like competition, tension, chance, imitation, ritual, magic, trance, and pleasure, ThisPlay approaches art as a maker and breaker of play. ThisPlay creates a space for both adults and children to engage in play where there is no victor or where everyone wins.

Rounded by Sleep
Until January 29, 2023
Curator: Eda Berkmen

The group show Rounded by Sleep features works that explore several ideas related to sleep, including intimacy and sharing, the individual and society, care and control, resistance and submission, development and repetition. Through a variety of modern artworks, historical depictions, and archaeological artifacts, the exhibition space is brought to life with the connection that sleep creates with the past and the unconscious.

Ahmet Doğu İpek: A Halo of Blackness Upon Our Heads
Until January 29, 2023
Curator: Selen Ansen

A Halo of Blackness Upon Our Heads, Ahmet Doğu İpek’s solo show, gathers together pieces produced by the artist in various mediums between 2020 and 2022 for this exhibition. Natural occurrences that both result in darkness and continuously create it are connected to in A Halo of Blackness Upon Our Heads. Visitors are invited to enter a world where matter and emotion, fiction and reality, the natural and the artificial, the concrete and the fleeting, interact with one another throughout the exhibition’s works. This area is created where different scales intersect and allows for observation and witnessing.

Bill Fontana: Resounding Io
Until December 4, 2022
Curator: Melih Fereli OBE

Resounding Io is an installation that was inspired by Bill Fontana’s research studies in Istanbul, where the artist made underwater and on land recordings of sound and video at several points along the Bosphorus and in two Byzantine cisterns, the Theodosius Cistern and the Basilica Cistern. This multi-channel sound and video work, titled in allusion to the historical tale of Io who gave the Bosphorus her name, is a distinctive addition to Fontana’s series Acoustical Visions which examines the picture that a sound “makes” and the sound that an image “creates.” Due to the support provided by Grundig for the creation of the exhibition and the purchase of the artwork for the Arter Collection, the exhibition is open to visitors.

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