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Andrea Francolino at Mazzoleni

September 22–October 22, 2022

A series of antinomies are included in Andrea Francolino’s first solo exhibition at Mazzoleni. The exhibition, which was organized by Lorenzo Benedetti, gives a careful documentation of the ground’s minute footprints as well as a map of the artist’s travels across many nations.

This dialectic between micro and macro generates a tension in the scenery. As in Zeno’s first paradox (“If there are many, they must be as many as they are and neither more nor less than that. But if they are as many as they are, they would be limited. If there are many, things that are are unlimited. For there are always others between the things that are, and again others between those, and so the things that are are unlimited”) the philosopher underlines the contradiction of multiplicity, Francolino shows infinity through a small crack in the wall as well as through the great outlines of oceanic shores or mountain chains. 

The pieces on show reveal this constant, everyday dichotomy. Natural phenomena and scientific endeavors take on amorphous forms that mirror organic stresses, entropic fractals that spread across the environment, with potentially endless routes and fractured surfaces.

In his series of glass works Caso x caos x infinite variabili (Chance x Chaos x Infinite Variables), the artist tries to make sense of this unpredictableness by replicating the crack at its original scale and creating a relationship between the natural and the artificial in an effort to reconstruct the track of an unpredictable line. Each fracture has its own shape because every itinerary is different and impossible to duplicate.

Francolino pays homage to the natural forces that shape and define the area around him, whether it be a fissure in the sidewalk in front of the gallery or the fault lines separating the tectonic plates of the Earth.

A bilingual catalogue featuring a critical essay by Lorenzo Benedetti will be available to go with the exhibition.

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