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Adelaide Cioni at Mimosa House

March 8–April 25, 2023

Mimosa House presents Adelaide Cioni from March 8 to April 25, 2023.

“A pattern is an awkward attempt to point towards infinity and nature, an act of foolish bravery in front of something huge.”

Performance : March 8–11
Artist talk: March 30, 7–8pm

Book launch: April 25, 7–8pm

Adelaide Cioni (b. 1976) presents Ab ovo / On Patterns, her first solo presentation in the UK. The show is the artist’s most ambitious endeavor to date, addressing visual language across mediums in a large-scale setting. The exhibition, which is being held at Mimosa House, is curated by Ilaria Puri Purini and is supported by the Italian Council, Directorate-General for Modern Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture. It is free to enter and runs from March 9 to April 25, 2023.

The repetition of abstract patterns—stripes, triangles, grids, circles, stylized leaves and stars—in artifacts and nature is the emphasis of Ab ovo (meaning “from the egg, from the very beginning”). They can be found throughout history and throughout geographical areas, from early non-western visual images to modern systems. Ab ovo is a song of the edges; these images have no voice or tale, but they are firmly embedded in our memories. Ab ovo is a prism through which we can examine our use of language and narration, our interaction with nature and things, our perceptions of time, difference, and marginality, and our feeling of community.

Cioni creates art that combines painting, fabrics, and performance. Drawing is central to her practice, which is founded on a feminist non-narrative approach. She will premiere a new performance (on March 8 and 11) investigating how music and the dance body respond to these abstract patterns throughout the exhibition.

On March 30, there will be an artist lecture, and the Ab ovo publication will be released on April 25.

Cioni says, “Patterns are the visualization of a rhythm in space. This rhythm takes on different shapes and colours to express the different vibrations of whoever is creating it. And it is repetitive and constant because that is the basis of life. The heart and our internal organs are repetitive and constant. They are the bass line of our existence. So, patterns are a portrayal of the bass line of our existence. Making or drawing a pattern is like singing a song. Projecting out your own rhythm, your own vibration. To see it double itself, to have confirmation of your being real.“

Performance: March 8–11, Saturday performances will be at 4pm and 5pm.
Artist talk: March 30, 7–8pm, with Mistura Allison.
Book launch: April 25, 7–8pm, On Patterns, with with Jennifer Higgie and Ilaria Puri Purini, moderated by Habda Rashid.

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