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Souls for Music market presented by Arts of the Working Class in collaboration with Atelier Gardens

July 3, 2022

We are pleased to invite you to Souls for Music, the summer edition of Arts of the Working Class’ art, food and music market in collaboration with Atelier Gardens, the former Berlin Union Film Ateliers (BUFA). The market will take place on July 3, from 4–10pm in the cultural hub for urban and ecological renovation in the Berlin district of Tempelhof.

The street newspaper Arts of The Working Class is prepared to continue its partnership with Atelier Gardens after three first market publications during the pandemic. Four programs will be the culmination of the collaboration throughout the year, each accompanied by a number of events planned by artists, friends, and supporters of the two hosting partners.

The market structure, which was already practiced the previous year, is viewed as a common area that challenges and alters the conventional exposition framework. The market’s structure includes a range of initiatives that go beyond the well-known spheres of street food and nutrition, as well as an emphasis on publishing, craft, design, talks, and workshops. It also includes the cuisine as a kind of care.

By experimenting with anti-capitalist techniques through communal performativity and space commonization, projects and practitioners will be able to explore and question “Loops of Power,” the overall theme for this year’s Arts of the Working Class.

Music continues to be a potent tool of freedom and protest, choreographing self-expression and group resistance, despite the melodies of daily and frequently exploitative activities providing the soundtrack for our society. Souls for Music is constructing a stage of experimental vibrations and delicacy that transcend the notion of street music. It is co-curated with Positionen Magazin in the form of a street festival. Throughout the day, the market will be animated by a number of musical acts.

Arts of the Working Class will release its next issue no.22 on Music and Propaganda in honor of Souls for Music.

Atelier Gardens
Oberlandstrasse 26-35
12099 Berlin