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Milo Rau at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

November 17–December 18, 2022

The Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen presents the exhibition Warum Kunst? (Why art?) by Milo Rau.The exhibition Warum Kunst? (Why art?) by Milo Rau is on view at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen. The theatre director and novelist, who grew up in St. Gallen, looks back on 15 years of activism and artistic creation in this performance. His initiatives include the contentious City of Change campaign in St. Gallen, which pushed for the introduction of voting rights for foreigners, as well as the people’s trials in Moscow and Zurich. A contemporary retelling of the Passion of the Christ, Das Neue Evangelium, was made by him last year. He has also started a film school in Mosul/IQ. The exhibition raises important issues, including how radical, socially conscious art functions. Can there exist a universal, international art? How do microecologies work? Can art change the world, or: why art at all?

The exhibition will include installations, archival documents, video and film works, and works that relate many projects to one another. The audience will gain a deeper understanding of Rau’s creative process, artistic thought, and political activity as a result. The show offers an opportunity to observe both well-known and unexpected parts of Rau’s creative output.

Milo Rau will be given the greatest cultural honor bestowed by the Canton of St. Gallen on November 17, 2022, when he will be given the Great Culture Prize of the St. Gallen Kulturstiftung. The award recognizes “his diverse, internationally renowned, sigificant and courageous works” The Kunst Halle is thrilled to provide him with yet another venue to showcase his ground-breaking artistic style.

Milo Rau, who was born in Berne in 1977, studied sociology, German studies, and Romance languages and literature in Paris, Berlin, and Zurich, among other places, under the tutelage of Pierre Bourdieu and Tzvetan Todorov. He has performed in more than 30 countries since 2002, presenting more than 50 plays, movies, books, and performances. Milo Rau founded the International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) in 2007 and has served as the creative director of NTGent since the 2018–19 season. As the youngest artist to ever earn the World Theatre Day Prize from the International Theatre Institute and the Saarbrücken Poetics Lectureship for Drama in 2017, Rau has won numerous honors. His plays and movies have garnered praise from critics in more than 10 different nations. In 2018, Milo Rau received the European Theatre Prize for his complete works.

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