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Open call for fall 2023 residency program at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Application deadline: August 1, 11:59pm
Fall program: September 13–November 10, 2023

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, established in 1981 by artists for artists, promotes the creating, presenting, and understanding of contemporary art through an international residency program, exhibitions, and educational initiatives. The Bemis Center, which is part of Omaha’s arts and culture sector and is located in the historic Old Market, plays a crucial role in connecting the people of Omaha to a global conversation about contemporary cultural production through the presentation and comprehension of contemporary art.

The primary goal of Bemis Center has always been to give artists from all over the world the time, space, and resources they need to carry out research and produce new conceptual, material, performative, and social practices. Independent thinking, experimenting, facing obstacles head-on, and the development of fresh ideas are all encouraged by the collaborative setting. More than a thousand artists have taken part in the residence program so far.

Time and space

Residents in the Bemis residency enjoy the freedom to do research, try out new things, and otherwise experiment without being held to any specific goals. The Okada Sculpture & Ceramics Facility, a 9,000 square foot industrial workshop used for large-scale sculpture fabrication, extensive installation and production spaces, and a Sound Studio for rehearsing and recording are all available to Bemis residents. They also provide generously sized, private live/work studios.


With their diverse backgrounds, the international residents frequently create both personal and professional relationships. The residents’ presentations and open studios are voluntary and unplanned, giving cohort members the chance to discuss their work. Bemis also provides opportunities for getting to know local and regional artists, arts professionals, and other people who might assist a resident’s practice especially grow.

Financial support
US-based artists-in-residence receive a 1,000 USD monthly stipend and an additional 750 USD travel stipend. Due to the limitations of B2 visas (touring/visiting), international artists-in-residence are eligible to receive reimbursement of qualified expenses, such as airfare, ground transportation, and meals.

Technical and administrative support
In addition to financial support, residents receive technical and administrative support from a dedicated team of Bemis staff members.

Apply here.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 S. 12th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
United States
Hours: Wednesday–Saturday 11am–5pm,
Thursday 11am–9pm

T +1 402 341 7130
[email protected]
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