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MFA & PhD early application scholarships for Transart Institute

September 1–November 15, 2022

Early candidates will receive a three-month head start on their studies with the Institute. With the help of a committed advisor, you can start building relationships with existing students, teachers, and new peers in February while also enhancing your proposal, honing your critical vocabulary, getting access to advance readings to pace yourself, and refining your proposal. You will be urged to take part in a crash course in creative research, meet with your advisor once a month to receive in-depth feedback on your work, and take part in regular conversations with your peer critique group. Attend a micro-residency in Mexico City among your new peers and our existing MFA and PhD scholars.


In other words, your practice is the research since it integrates writing and thought to produce rigorous and original creative research. An integrated thesis that incorporates a presentation, exhibition, publishing, reading, performance, screening, workshop, or other kinds of dissemination will be submitted as the result of your research.


Our praxis-focused programs are built around in-person and online residencies. To broaden your praxis, take part in talks, symposiums, forums, topical workshops, research seminars, exhibitions, films, cultural outings, sound baths, listening sessions, and other activities. Join us in Mexico City, Liverpool, and New York in the upcoming year.

One-Year MFA

For creative researchers with an established practice and a specific research question or project, our Creative Practice Master of Fine Art is designed for artists, curators, writers, performers, and other creative researchers. Transart’s MFA assists you in developing a sustainable praxis while you build a global network of peers and advisors. It is adaptable, rigorous, self-directed, and expansive. It is possible to fast-track to the PhD by your second summer.

Practice PhD

Everyone who has a specific subject or question—whose practice embodies or fundamentally drives their research—is eligible for our Creative Research PhD. As a result of your participation in the program, you will change the way you work and how you perceive what it is capable of, making a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in your field and strengthening your credentials for academic jobs, grants, and participation in research projects.

About Transart

The leading innovator of low-residency, interdisciplinary, worldwide creative research programs since 2004 is Transart Institute for Creative Research. The Institute offers practice-based PhD and MFA programs, creating room for imagination, experimentation, and radical thought in all its forms. It is wholly created and administered by artists. We support alone or collaboratively working creative researchers who are self-directed, inquisitive, adaptable, and socially involved.


Our prestigious and acclaimed UK academic partner, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), established in 1823, has partnered with us to offer the MFA and PhD and has validated these degrees.

September 1–November 15: Early application (with scholarship) deadline.
December 1: Early admission acceptance (with scholarship) letters sent.
January 15: Early admission (with scholarship) commitment deposit due.
February 1: Three-month pre-flight scholarships commence.
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