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Matadero Madrid opens call for projects: The Metabolic Sublime

Application deadline: October 9, 2022, 11:59pm

Ecosystem resilience, territorial instrumentalization, residual circularity, decarbonization, new energy models, agri-logistic automation, geoengineering, residual circularity… The Metabolic Sublime, the focus of Medialab Matadero’s newest LAB#02, challenges us to radically reimagine current energy regimes on a global scale and to design the protocols, tools, institutions, cultures, and/or dynamics that would make them feasible. The call for proposals for this project is now open.

A two-week long intensive workshop will be used to create the projects under the direction of famous worldwide specialists and artists, who may be joined by partners from various fields and backgrounds.

The workshop will take place in person at Medialab Matadero from January 25 to February 11, 2023, and the authors of the chosen projects will be able to go to Madrid with all expenses paid.

The outcomes will be presented after the session at a public event as part of Medialab Matadero’s OpenLab festival in Madrid on February 10 and 11.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

No matter their stage of development—from nascent ideas to projects in their final stages of definition and testing—we are interested in all kinds of projects—from highly technical to other more experimental ones—that would benefit from the context of collaboration and co-creation offered by Medialab. The only requirement is that they address “The Metabolic Sublime,” which is LAB#02’s theme.

This includes proposals that promote the development, deployment, and use of alternative metabolic systems and mechanisms, regardless of the scale at which they operate, as well as the advancement of research in both micro- and macro-scale frameworks, such as the creation of new materials, energy production systems, molecular engineering, carbon capture mechanisms, or bio-manufacturing.

Who can apply?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply for this call, regardless of level of education or background, and from a wide range of fields, including design, art, architecture, urban planning, economics, film, photography, journalism, digital media, environmental sciences, philosophy, engineering, social studies, political sciences, programming, materials science, activism, and many more.

Additionally, those who lack a degree or institutional affiliation but can show a high level of creativity, critical thinking, and other potential will be given preference. There is no restriction on candidates’ ages. A CV or letters of recommendation are not required.

For more information about the call for projects, click here. Or visit the “The Metabolic Sublime” website.

Applications are open until October 9, 2022.

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