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International summer workshops 2022 at Berlin University of the Arts

June 1–September 30, 2022

This summer, immerse yourself in one of Europe’s largest and most diverse art universities.

The Berlin Summer University of the Arts returns in 2022, offering a wide range of fascinating seminars from June to September. The Berlin University of the Arts, as in previous years, offers an international summer program for artists, advanced students, and graduates from all artistic disciplines. More than 25 courses in Fine Arts, Design, Music, Sound Arts, and Performing Arts, as well as multidisciplinary workshops, providing a wonderful opportunity to develop your artistic practice and network with creatives from all over the world.

In 2022, the Berlin Summer University of the Arts will offer three types of workshops:

Embodiment investigates how physical activity and specific physical knowledge, as well as physical interaction and its absence, can be included into artistic work. Playwriting 1—From Idea to Scene and Structure with playwrights Prof. John von Düffel and Gerhild Steinbuch (September 9–16) and Playwriting 2—Gaze Training (September 19–22) with writer Sasha Marianna Salzmann are among the workshops in this category dedicated to writing as an artistic practice.

Material Cultures immerses into a specific artistic discipline, focuses on intensive artistic research practices and tracks down their potentials by concentrating on one material. The city of Berlin will serve as material in two of our workshops: Brutalism. A Photographic Approach (September 9–11) explores the concrete physical structures of “brutalist” architecture in Berlin. Transitions—Drawing and Space (September 19–23) examines transitory urban places through drawing in an open and interpretive manner.

Borders and Encounters investigates potential approaches for collaborative artistic creation and exchange in a local or territorially broad and low-threshold encounter area. Artspeak: English as a Foreign Language participants will have the opportunity to improve their language skills in a four-day intensive session in “Art English” (August 23–26). Students will analyze the communicative potential of images and convey their own tales in the photography workshop Stories and Encounters (August 30–September 2).

The Berlin Summer University of the Arts encourages you to explore a wide range of methodologies and discourses in contemporary art in a variety of ways. Teachers who are passionate about what they do will help you develop your artistic voice and visual language. You’ll be able to bring your ideas to life, share them with others who share your interests, and form networks for future initiatives.

The whole programme is available here.

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