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Call for applications 2022–23: MA in Transdisciplinary Design at Istituto Europeo di Design Milan and Turin

Re-framing complexity and designing sustainable solutions in the realms of urban evolution and the mobility of the future.

The Master of Arts (second level academic diploma) in Transdisciplinary Design, is a two-year course offering to participants the experimentation of new ways to conceive and put in practice the relation between design and society.

Intake: October 2022. Applications open in June 2022 and close at the end of August 2022.

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) presents two editions of the Master of Arts: one in Milan and one in Turin. Research and experimentation are the key elements in both courses, designed with the same approach and philosophy and developing two different focuses in each of the cities where it is offered.

The theme of the Future of Mobility is the focus of Turin’s edition, co-coordinated by Lowie Vermeersch—CEO & Creative Director—Granstudio and Wouter Haspeslagh—Urbanist & Mobility researcher—Granstudio; while the theme of Cities in Flux is the focus of Milan’s edition, coordinated by Paolo Verri—Urban practitioner.

The course is accredited by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, (MUR) awards a Second Level Academic Diploma, grants the acquisition of 120 ECTS valuable to access further studies in Italy and abroad.

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Transdisciplinary Design is an aptitude in the way of thinking that takes the values and the methodology of design and brings people with different backgrounds together in order to reframe problems to the point of shaping new disciplines.

Programme conception
The agenda of global priorities, set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reminds us daily the urgency to design the sustainable solutions able to improve the living conditions of people worldwide, in the future scenarios—among others—of evolving cities and mobility. Aware that in order to identify and tackle such a challenge new approaches and new professionals are needed the MA in Transdisciplinary Design is born to train a new generation of solution-makers.

Prospective students
The world needs new skilled professionals who can navigate complexity, bringing value to society and to communities.
The course is addressed to both designers and non-designers: it can involve people who come from design, arts, sciences, humanities, economics, digital technologies, engineering, innovation, consultancy.

We are looking for students from a wide variety of disciplines who are going to come on board to work together in a transdisciplinary way. Applicants for this programme will show a passion for designing responses to complex problems, contaminating each other and with teachers in a peer-to-peer approach.

We are also looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who are going to be able to build on their ideas, nurture them during this two-year program and create start-ups from that.

Programme structure
The course is structured over two years:
The first year is organised in three stages: Foundations, Framing the Context and Design Research. It will explore methods and models of transdisciplinary design: it foresees the creation of the studio-team, the development of soft skills and of the necessary habits to work in a design team with a trans-disciplinary approach.

The second year is composed of four stages: Ideation, Development, Test, Executive Summary & Final Exam. Operating as an international design team, the goal is to identify future scenarios and design disruptive projects enabling systemic changes.

The work context is co-operative and consists of a collective environment, with the Transdisciplinary Design Studio at its core: a place where participants, each coming with their own background and with their own set of skills, observe the world through the lens of design, and investigate the reality of evolving cities and mobility, sharing alternative point of views.

Learn more about the course form the words of its coordinators.
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