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Bracha L. Ettinger curated by Noam Segal at Radicants Paris

Radicants, the first international curatorial cooperative created in by Nicolas Bourriaud, inaugurates its exhibition space, Radicants Paris, with a solo exhibition of the Israeli artist Bracha L. Ettinger (Tel Aviv, 1948). Her work will be presented by the New York-based curator, Noam Segal.

Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger is an artist, philosopher, and psychoanalyst, as well as a prominent feminist theorist and the creator of “matrixial theory”. Despite important international exhibitions (Castello di Rivoli, Turin, 2021; The Warehouse, Dallas, 2020; Biennale of Istanbul, 2015; Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 2010), her work has not been exhibited in Paris since 1990. This exhibition intends to position Bracha L. Ettinger’s work where it belongs: at the forefront of contemporary painting.

Bracha L. Ettinger’s work draws on her family history. As members of the Jewish community in Poland, her family were victims of Nazi atrocities during the Second World War. In her work, Bracha subtly shifts the burden of memory towards the feminine and maternal, thereby emphasising the role of transgenerational transmission of traumas. She also revisits the history of art through mythological female figures of trauma such as Eurydice, Chronos, and Medusa. Bracha Ettinger starts with human bodies – mothers, women, and children- and transforms the obscure traces of a violent past into abstract testimonies. These are marked by spectres. In doing so, she calls into question art’s ability to heal.

Showcasing some twenty paintings and drawings as well as the artist’s notebooks written in three languages (French, English, and Hebrew), Noam Segal provides a reading of Bracha L. Ettinger’s artistic practice based on her own theories of matrix space and her notion of giving birth. The exhibition presents the series Annunciation, Pietà, and Eurydice, which she started in the mid-1980s and are still in progress.

The exhibition is accompanied by a curator book, which brings together texts by the American art historian Amelia Jones (1961, Durham), the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard (1924–98, Paris), the curator Noam Segal, and the artist, poet, and chef Precious Okoyomon (1993, London) in conversation with Bracha L. Ettinger. This book is published by Radicants and distributed in France by Les Presses du Réel and internationally by Idea Books. (ISBN: 9782493734044)

The exhibition Cloud Point
June 10–July 23 2022
Paradise Row, London

The term “cloud point” is part of the vocabulary associated with fossil fuel extraction. A “cloud point” refers to the transitional moment when a liquid and solid separate. The first in a series of exhibitions showcasing a new generation of artists, Cloud Point brings together practices that share an interest in the molecular composition of the world and, more specifically, in the intermediate phases between solid and liquid, coagulation and condensation.

Featured artists: Nicolas Aguirre, Marieke Bernard Berkel, Hicham Berrada, Alice Channer, David Douard, My Lan Hoang Thuy, Zarah Landes, Estrid Lutz, Tala Madani, Pakui Hardware, Pamela Rosenkranz.

Cloud Point is a collaboration between Radicants and Paradise Row, a contemporary art gallery in Mayfair that produces not-for-profit curatorial projects that showcase exhibitions that foreground social and environmental impact.

Palianytsia, a Lviv-based Ukrainian charity initiative, will receive 20 percent of the proceeds from this exhibition. This non-profit organisation provides shelter for refugees, as well as food, hygiene products, medicine, and psychological and legal aid to victims of war.

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