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Lisbon Architecture Triennale presents 2022 edition Terra

September 29–December 5, 2022

Opening days of Terra: September 29–October 1

On September 29, we will touch down on Terra, the outcome of a three-year global exploration effort by local communities to accept planet Earth as our shared home. How do different scales of resource depletion, socioeconomic inequality, and climate change actions interact?

This edition is a call to action for a more sustainable future in which cross-disciplinary spatial practices, recently discovered tools, and reinvented systems address the current problems of place-making in a globalized society. With our forward-thinking exhibitions serving as milestones, Terra is an ecosystem that includes installations, workshops, seminars, awards, publications, and much more.

In an infinite cycle, donor buildings and deconstructed structures are stored and then reembodied, Cycles recounts numerous stories of a successful circular economy. Along with this, there are exhibits commissioned by artists, architects, and multidisciplinary groups, as well as a number of quick films from the Harvard Graduate School of Design on the gathering and manufacturing of building materials.

Retroactive seeks out projects that mend these built environments by offering desperately needed infrastructure or public facilities and thereby restoring spatial dignity as it addresses the ever-growing shattered fabrics of our cities. These may be found in the outskirts of major cities like Madrid, in the center of major cities like So Paulo, or even along international borders where both hemispheres converge, like in Tijuana.

In a society that is rapidly evolving and mostly devoid of architects, Multiplicity investigates how we may redefine the function of architecture. With ad-hoc techniques like friendship benches, community fridges, wiki houses, or plug-in residences, this exhibition presents collective or informal processes that adapt and subvert patterns of action.

Finally, Visionaries explores challenging and contentious projects that aim to have a broad or universal impact, saving architecture’s feeling of agency and its power to alter the course of history. Some of them prescribe drastically different city structures or poetic manifestos concerning beds, while others are utopian or already a reality.

Sinel de Cordes Palace, Triennale’s home venue, will be in permanent transformation, hosting a series of Independent Projects in quick succession, ranging from lectures to installations and performances that expand the chorus of perspectives that make up Terra.

For our Awards trilogy, the Lifetime Achievement winner Marina Tabassum, the Début award laureate studio, and the researchers selected from the Universities’ competition will all present their groundbreaking work at a lecture.

From October 26 to 28 we host Talk, Talk, Talk, gathering twelve different voices ranging from architecture to anthropology or social activism such as Arjun Appadurai, Vandana Shiva and Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, among others. Find out sustainable models of placemaking towards a systemic paradigm shift.

The Triennale 2022 is calling. Take part in the debate on the future of ecology in architecture, we await you in Terra!

Lisbon Architecture Triennale
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