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BIO27 Supervernaculars opens at MAO

BIO27 Super Vernaculars
Design for a Regenerative Future
May 26–September 29, 2022

BIO27 at Milano Design Week: June 8, 2022

BIO27 Super Vernaculars opened on May 26 at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and will welcome visitors until September 29, 2022. In response to epic environmental and health crises, curator Jane Withers has set the topic to Super Vernaculars, positioning BIO as a tool to explore a growing and ambitious movement that takes inspiration from vernacular architecture and design around the world to create imaginative responses to contemporary challenges such as water scarcity, waste and declining biodiversity.

“This year BIO is focussing the biennial’s resources on developing local design networks. BIO27 showcases projects by five interdisciplinary design teams working with international mentors to tackle compelling problems of local communities and the environment. Each project is conceived to have an enduring impact.” —Jane Withers

BIO27 production platform projects

Grains for Brains
Delving into the “world of grains,” team (Kim Lang, Elena Rucli, Janja Šušnjar, Vida Rucli, Vid Skrbinšek, Elena Braida, Dora Ciccone, Francesca Lucchitta) based in a remote Alpine village and mentored by designer and food futurist Carolien Niebling catalyses Slovenia’s rich cultural, agricultural and culinary heritage to redesign the Slovenian traditional use of buckwheat.

Communicating Modern Architecture
Garnitura (Maruša Mazej, Brina Steblovnik, Lin Gerkman, Neža Lukančič, Miha Gašperin, Sara Bezovšek, Eva Popit) with mentor Adam Štěch are communicating the legacy of the renowned Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik to new audiences by drawing on his profoundly human vision for the city of Ljubljana. The team’s project includes an exhibition space is at the newly renovated Plečnik’s Kiosk, which is also the starting point for self-guided tours revealing Plečnik’s Ljubljana. 

Water—Designing a Biovernacular
The project by Pjorkkala (Žan Girandon, Pia Groleger, Luka Pleskovič, Ema Kapelj, Zala Križ) mentored by Shneel Malik, is focused on water treatment in places where the drinking water supply isn’t adequate. Following principles inspired by an arithmetic spiral, the 3D printed water filter named Dodola moves water through the filter by relying on the flow of the water it is placed in, meaning it can work in remote off-grid locations.

Forbidden Vernaculars
Design collective Krater (Gaja Mežnarič Osole, Rok Oblak, Andrej Koruza, Primož Turnšek, Sebastjan Kovač, Maša Cvetko, Anamari Hrup, Eva Jera Hanžek, Altan Jurca Avci, Gaja Pegan Nahtigal), in dialogue with Atelier LUMA and BC Architects, researched rammed earth architecture and locally sourced building materials. Via an  ongoing open call, they are inviting participants to a workshop to  build a teahouse, which will host discussions on designing with local materials and how these materials, currently  forbidden by local laws can be made part of the vernacular again. 

Regenerative Cultural Production
Futuring (Žan Kobal, Tamara Lašič Jurković, Barbara Predan) with mentor Sophie Thomas undertook an environmental audit of the Super Vernaculars biennial. Their findings are collected in an open source toolkit available on the BIO27 website, which enables cultural institutions and individuals to reduce the environmental impact of their works.

BIO27 is organised by MAO with Centre for Creativity (CzK). “BIO is designed as a platform for cooperation between designers and experts from various industries. It has shown that experimental interdisciplinary processes catalyse societal and entrepreneurial innovation. Hence why CzK co-produced the production part of the biennial.” Anja Zorko, head of CzK.

Cukrarna Palace 
As part of the BIO27 Satellite Programme, four exhibitions further expand the BIO27 theme. Created in Slovenia by Centre for Creativity (CzK) Slovenia, looks back at the first period of its operation and displays the works demonstrating current Slovenian creative community. Also on display are exhibitions DNA of Things (Marcin Rusak), The Ideal Eating Experience by Vienna Design Week (curated by Kathrina Dankl) and The School Of The Untold by Design Campus, German Design Graduates and Goethe Institut Ljubljana.

BIO27 at Milano Design Week
Wednesday, June 8 at 4pm, Opificio 31, 31 via Tortona, Milano
A panel discussion with Jane Withers, Jan Boelen, Marco Sammicheli, Anniina Koivu and Gaja Mežnarić Osole exploring the theme of Super Vernaculars.

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