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Hamburg Unveils Art Contest for Monument to Sexual and Gender Diversity

Monument to Honor Non-Binary, Non-Heterosexual, and LGBTIQ People

Submission deadline: February 13, 2024

Hamburg, Germany – The city of Hamburg has announced an open international art competition to design a monument for sexual and gender diversity. The monument, to be located at the prominent Neuer Jungfernstieg / Lombardsbrücke in the heart of the city, will serve as a place of remembrance and appreciation for the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities.

The monument is intended to commemorate the exclusion, discrimination, and suffering faced by non-binary, non-heterosexual, and LGBTIQ* people. It will also serve as a symbol of respect, acceptance, and encouragement for encounters among all members of the community.

Artists and interdisciplinary collaborative groups led by artists are encouraged to apply for the competition. Applications must be submitted by February 13, 2024. A budget of 300,000 euros (gross) has been allocated for the realization of the monument.

The competition jury will consist of experts in the fields of art, culture, and human rights. The winning design will be selected based on its artistic merit, its ability to convey the message of diversity and inclusion, and its suitability for the specific location.

The monument is expected to be completed and unveiled in 2025. It will be a significant addition to Hamburg’s public art collection and a powerful symbol of the city’s commitment to equality and diversity.