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National Academy of Design presents its 2022 inductees

17 artists and architects from across the country have been chosen as National Academicians, according to the National Academy of Design. The group of newly elected Academicians this year, who have been recognized for their contributions to modern American art and architecture, consists of:

Laurie Anderson, Edgar Arceneaux, Radcliffe Bailey, Deborah Berke, Huma Bhabha, Tania Bruguera, J. Yolande Daniels, Leonardo Drew, Nicole Eisenman, Julie Eizenberg, Hank Koning, Rick Lowe, Jean Shin, Arthur Simms, Michael Van Valkenburgh, Dan Walsh, Nari Ward

Since the National Academy was established in 1825 as the first artist-led arts organization in America, it has been a tradition to nominate and elect National Academicians on an annual basis. The National Academy, a group of 450 artists and architects from across the nation, nominates and elects new Academicians.

“The election of new Academicians each year captures the breadth and diversity of cultural practice in America,” noted Gregory Wessner, Executive Director, National Academy of Design. “Spanning both art and architecture, it is a particularly meaningful honor for newly-elected Academicians because it represents recognition by a broad community of working artists and architects.”

Academicians are invited to contribute a representative work, known as a Diploma Work, to the National Academy’s collection after being elected. The National Academy’s collection, which includes more than 8,000 paintings, sculptures, works on paper, architectural sketches and models, and more, was almost exclusively built via donations from its artists and architects. One of the most important collections of American artwork and buildings exists here.

Induction program
A public, online video program celebrating the Class of 2022 National Academicians will be held on Tuesday, October 25 beginning at 6pm. More information will be available on our website.

Induction exhibition
A special exhibition featuring recent work of the 2022 National Academicians is anticipated for 2023. Details will be announced in the coming months on our website.

About the National Academy of Design

The National Academy of Design, which was established in 1825, promotes art and architecture in America via exhibitions, instruction, and study. We promote the arts as a teaching tool, honor the contribution of artists and architects to public life, and act as a starting point for cultural discussions that advance society. The National Academicians, a thriving group of 450 American artists and architects who have been chosen by their peers for their remarkable achievements to art and design, are at the center of our purpose.

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