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Chicago Architecture Biennial Announces Artistic Directors of CAB 5

The Floating Museum art collective has been named the leading artistic team for the fifth Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB), which will open in September 2023. The Biennial’s “This is a Rehearsal” edition examines how environmental, political, and economic challenges are tackled in many ways around the world through art, architecture, infrastructure, and civic engagement. These issues are prevalent in today’s society. A group of artists, designers, poets, and educators called The Floating Museum wants to change the CAB 5 exhibition and program paradigm to put more emphasis on showcasing ground-breaking concepts that could influence the direction of architecture and design in the future.

The goal of Floating Museum, which is co-directed by Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Faheem Majeed, Andrew Schachman, and Avery R. Young, is to create links between the arts, the community, architecture, and public organizations. Site-responsive artwork, design initiatives, and community initiatives are among the collective’s current projects. They seek to increase our awareness of the environment and ourselves by drawing attention to differing perspectives on history, infrastructure, and the function of aesthetics.

Since its establishment in 2015, CAB has developed into a forum for showcasing and examining advances in the domains of architecture, design, and the visual arts. For a diversified audience of designers, educators, activists, students, and local communities, the non-profit organization is committed to delivering year-round programming and a biennial exhibition of city-wide activations.

Beginning in November 2022, CAB 5’s programs include a brand-new occasion called the Chicago Design Summit. The Summit, organized by the Floating Museum, will act as a venue for research and the creation of the CAB 5 program. This chance provides a forum for participants to express and react to thoughts regarding the theme, “This is a Rehearsal,” and it serves as a catalyst for cooperation and teamwork. On the CAB website, a schedule of live and recorded programming, including youth workshops, discussions, and community gatherings, will be offered during the upcoming year.

About the Chicago Architecture Biennial

The Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) is a nonprofit organization that produces year-round programs and a biennial exhibition of city-wide activations for a wide range of audiences, including designers, educators, advocates, students, and local communities. Its goal is to establish an international forum on architecture and urbanism. With a focus on community involvement, sustainability, and equity, CAB’s programs are dedicated to creating chances to examine and confront current global concerns through the lens of architecture and design. The CAB represents the greatest worldwide survey of contemporary architecture in North America and is free and open to the public.

Chicago Architecture Biennial
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Source: Archdaily