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Louise Lawler, Produced in 1988, Purchased in 1989; Produced in 1989, Purchased in 1993 (adjusted to fit), 1995/2010, and Jeff Koons, Ushering in Banality, 1988. In the background: Martine Syms, GIRRRLGIRLLLGGGIRLGIIIRL, 2017, wall painting. All: collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij, Amsterdam.

New collection presentation and program highlights at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Tomorrow is a Different Day: Collection 1980–Now Everyday, Someday and Other Stories: Collection 1950–1980 Yesterday Today: Collection until 1950 Three shows make up the Stedelijk's brand-new collection presentation of visual art and design, which is arranged thematically and loosely chronologically. The development of art and design alongside social movements and their different histories that reflect many viewpoints are…

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AnnaMaria Pinaka, untitled, 2022. From the series “Thirsty Pig.” Ink and watercolor. Photo: AnnaMaria Pinaka.

Call for research: Stedelijk Studies Journal Issue 13

The item collection serves as the traditional museum's core, providing the institution's history and defining characteristics as a social and political organization. Although the museum endures societal changes, the foundation of its research projects frequently draws on historical customs. The creative approaches provided by art-based research from the twenty-first century that question how items relate…

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Left: Sedje Hémon, Fête, 1957. Oil on canvas, 93 x 77 cm. Collection Sedje Hémon Foundation. Photo: Marjon Gemmeke. Center: Imran Mir, Eighth Paper on Modern Art, 1996. Acrylic on canvas, 183 x 154 cm. Collection Imran Mir Art Foundation. Right: Abdias Nascimento, Afro Standard, 1993. Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 54 cm, Rio de Janeiro. Collection Abdias Nascimento/Black Art Museum/IPEAFRO Collection. Photo: Miguel Pacheco e Chaves, RCS Arte Digital.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and sonsbeek20→24 present Abstracting Parables

July 1–October 16, 2022 Abstracting Parables is the result of a collaboration between three historical voices and aesthetic views, each giving their own interpretations of how abstraction might be translated into diverse and complex languages. Sedje Hémon (1923–2011), a Dutch-Jewish painter and composer, Abdias Nascimento (1914–2011), an Afro-Brazilian painter, poet, essayist, dramatist, and political activist, and…

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