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Left: an original Egyptian sarcophagus. Photo: Ricardo Ferreira. Right: Fernando Lindote, Kill, Macunaíma!, 2015.

Desvairar 22 (Hallucinate ’22) at Sesc Pinheiros

August 27, 2022–January 15, 2023 Two significant historical anniversaries in Brazilian history are being commemorated in 2022: the bicentennial of Independence (September 7, 1822) and the 100th anniversary of the Modern Art Week of 1922. (February 13–17, 1922). Sesc is holding a variety of cultural events to commemorate these milestones with the intention of reflecting…

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Aqui Duermes (2022)

Mendes Wood DM Sao Paulo presents group exhibition Futurismo

20 August - 5 November 2022 Richard Kennedy, Dalton Gata, Paolo Salvador, and Manuel Solano all have new pieces on display at FUTURISMO. As the artists investigate and interweave topics like metamorphosis and emergence with memory and identity, the exhibition strikes a balance between several temporalities. The exhibited pieces, which include sculpture, painting, and video, provide…

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