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M HKA presents Museum in Motion

September 16, 2022–January 8, 2023 The Flemish community has started the next infrastructure step that will bring the Flemish museum landscape to an even higher level of international recognition as the Flemish fine arts collection finally regains its position in the completely refurbished KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp). As was previously reported, M HKA,…

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AnnaMaria Pinaka, untitled, 2022. From the series “Thirsty Pig.” Ink and watercolor. Photo: AnnaMaria Pinaka.

Call for research: Stedelijk Studies Journal Issue 13

The item collection serves as the traditional museum's core, providing the institution's history and defining characteristics as a social and political organization. Although the museum endures societal changes, the foundation of its research projects frequently draws on historical customs. The creative approaches provided by art-based research from the twenty-first century that question how items relate…

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