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From left: Lena Henke, Better be old iron than new tin (Mixer), The mind is like an umbrella Its most useful when open (Saftpresse), Every one of my buildings begins with an Italian journey (Kaffee), Form Follows Feminine (Kueche), 2022. © Klosterfelde Edition & Lena Henke. Photo: GRAYSC.

Lena Henke at Klosterfelde Edition

Auf dem Asphalt botanisieren gehen April 30–July 30, 2022 Lena Henke creates sculptures and installations that intricately recreate histories of modernism, design, and urban planning throughout her career. Her exploration of the physical places in which she lives, works, and exhibits her artworks begins with research into the physical spaces in which she lives, works, and exhibits…

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