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Chen Zhe, You Are a Circle, Expanding (As Above), 2021. Reversible dynamic pigment, mechanic installation. 200 cm × 200 cm × 35 cm.

Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art presents fourth edition Being Theoria

October 18–December 4, 2022 Pure Reason: September 30–December 4,special project Hangzhou Museum, Hangzhou There is a "cosmotechnics" that is inherent in M/S, the Chinese word for "silk," such as the archetypes in conceptions of "relation": clue(Xiànsu), organization(Zzh), web/network(Wnglu), and system(Xtng); the common names of colors: red, green, purple, scarlet, and crimson; and "Wén," which means, all at once,…

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