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Anton Vidokle, Citizens of the Cosmos (still), 2019. HD video, color, sound. 30:19 minutes. Japanese with English subtitles. Courtesy of the artist.

Citizens of the Cosmos at Muzeum Sztuki

October 7, 2022–March 12, 2023 Opening: October 7, 6pm What if Katarzyna Kobro's Hanging Constructions were the result of her research into zero gravity and extraterrestrial life? She most likely came into contact with Cosmist concepts, which were talked about in artistic circles in Moscow during the Revolution. And what if Nikolai Fedorov's writings—which equated the world…

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Anton Vidokle, Autotrofia (still), 2020. HD video, color, sound, 31:37 minutes, Italian with English subtitles. Courtesy of the artist.

The Institute of the Cosmos (IOTC) presents Autotrofia

The Institute of the Cosmos (IOTC) is pleased to present Autotrofia, a film by Anton Vidokle based on writings of the painter Vasily Chekrygin and the scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. Shot in Oliveto Lucano village in the south of Italy, this film is simultaneously a documentation of a pagan fertility ritual that is still practiced in this region, and a scripted…

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